The European Consultant Team


CEO - Henrik Lindgren

Inbound Certified Consultant - He also has a background in GDPR & IT Security. With that background Henrik is spending most of his time with KA's or with educating the new staff. You can contact Henrik by emailing to

Salesforce Consultant - Sebastian Gidlöf

Working a lot with Saleforce on a daily basis for some of our bigger clients. Sebastian loves new projects and is an excellent person when you need something structured and executed without missing the small details. You can contact Sebastian by emailing to

VP & Salesforce Consultant - Jesper Sörman

Excellent example of a person who will go in, execute and deliver a project no matter how impossible it may seem. Jesper is one of our most popular consultants, maybe because of how fun he is to be around! You can contact Jesper by emailing to

Inbound & Salesforce Consultant - Clara Sörvåg

Smart, funny and well educated. Not only is Clara certified in various fields like Inbound Marketing but she is also a perfect strategy & detail oriented person. Maybe not so strange that she is diverse, yet a specialist since she is also a proud member of Mensa (High IQ Club). Clara is currently enjoying her parentleave.

IT Security Consultant - Rasmus Sörman

As a former Antivirus technician at a larger Antivirus firm, he has extended his expertise to the cloud enviornments. Which gives him the ability to secure an IT organization & making it GDPR compliant from endpoint to cloud. You can contact Rasmus by emailing to

Inbound Marketing - Fabienne Winkel

Inbound certified and with a specialization in company branding, Fabienne really makes a perfect extention to a marketing team. She is well organized and has an eye for detail. You can contact Fabienne by emailing to

Account Manager - Lars Sandström

Sales certified and a very driven person, experience as a sales associate, he is a great addition to our team. He has strong communication skills and he likes to think along with you. You can contact Lars by emailing to