IT security

Full Protection of Windows Machines!

We will manage:

  • Security Tools (Antivirus management)
  • Windows (By Azure AD management)
  • Windows Updating 
  • GDPR Monitoring tool (management / trend analyze)
  • G-Suite Administration & Management
  • Office 365 Administration & Management
  • Device Control (USB, Bluetooth & etc)
  • Network Control (Firewall management)
  • Automatic white listing
  • Mail protection
  • Monthly workshops with a security consulting and risk assessments within architecture & GDPR

Buy a month Directly or Contact us first

We have tried to make it easy for you. If you want you can buy a month here directly and the project process can start faster. If you don't feel comfortable with buying a month upfront, contact us first and we start the project after needs & contracts are fully complied. You can also book a meeting directly to see how we can help you:

Find a time and book a meeting with Henrik
Find a time and book a meeting with Rasmus

What happens after you buy?

After you buy this service, we will contact you to start this ongoing security project. We will not start the project before 1 month is bought. The time of the project will not start until we have agreed on how to continue the project.

After the initial meeting is done, a e-mail will be sent with a contract regarding NDA and for continuances of service & billing.

Right now we only offer this package to Windows endpoints


For us to be able to deliver top quality in IT-security and GDPR we would not be able to do so without a close connection to IT-security vendors, constant studying and machine learning or AI.
Since we check all of those boxes, we can deliver the best IT-security service and also assure GDPR compliance that no other company in the world can.


  1. Increase and advance organisation wide security
  2. Zero Day Virus environment
  3. Total GDPR compliance
  4. Problem free UX
  5. 99% environment monitoring
  6. Always up to date patching