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Expanding to… Thailand!

Yes, you’re reading it correctly: we are expanding to Thailand! Starting April 2019, our IT-department will be located in this office. For our relations, this won’t have any negative consequences. In fact, we will be able to help you faster and offer you many more benefits. By having an office in Sweden and in Thailand who communicate together perfectly, we are able to offer you high technical availability 24/7. This way, we strive that you will never have to wait for a solution to your problem any longer than needed, because we are always there. There’s also no interruption during western holiday seasons, which will make us very reliable for our customers. Another large benefit with expanding to Thailand is...

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Fun Stuff

Meeting with Hubspot Yesterday, we had a partner meeting with Hubspot. Super fun, really delicious lunch and we had some deep talk about “what will be the next thing in/after inbound marketing”. Right now, we are building up strategies and plans on how we as an agency can help our customers with inbound marketing. We also talked about the future and what will be the next step after inbound marketing. Some of us had a really long and deep strategic view of the generation of tomorrow and the other was more leaning to quick conversations such as chat bot. What are your thoughts on inbound? Mine is that cold calling is obsolete and a tool that might give a quick...

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