A less notorious part of the Stuxnet attack, but oh so funny…

If we say ‘Iranian nuclear facility and malware’, what are you thinking about? Of course, about Stuxnet, like most people would do (if you haven’t seen Zero Days, we highly recommend it). Although Stuxnet is known as notorious to many people, there is a less malicious part that was not covered in Zero Days.

For those who haven’t seen Zero Days, Stuxnet was a computer worm which is believed to have been made by the US and the Israeli. This worm was set out to let the fast-spinning centrifuges in the Iranian nuclear facility go into overdrive and tear themselves apart. Yes, full on cyber warfare mega hacker style.

F-secures chief research officer, Mikko Hyppönen, had received an email from a researcher within Iran’s nuclear facility regarding the breach. In this email he was told that the computers within the Iranian facility would start blasting the hit single ‘Thunderstruck’ from AC/DC, even in the middle of the night. Iran’s nuclear facility wasn’t just hacked, it was hacked in style.

The details regarding these two attacks are still a bit blurry, we’re not sure if it happened during the same time or whether or not it is done the same way. Different sources use different details and terminology to describe these events, so we will never know for sure what happened. This, unless officials will publish more details. Regardless, it is funny to imagine some poor nuclear researcher being woken up by AC/DC blasting from their computers.

My take on it is that, if the Americans and Israeli were involved in both attacks, they were nice for including the AC/DC music. With the strict censorship laws in Iran, they might have never been able to blast AC/DC. These researchers got to hear some amazing music!

These events show how important IT-Security is, but maybe even more important: that IT-Security is an always developing world that requires you to grow with it. With that being said, I will go back to my self-study moment for today.