General benefits of a CRM

Logging your work in a CRM takes a few extra seconds of your time. Especially on days where the phone is blasting and customers are taking every second of your time, you maybe don’t even have a few seconds in between. However, when using your CRM well, those extra seconds you spend after an important phone call or meeting actually might save you hours of extra time. We’re going to tell you why.

Let us start by stating the obvious: in your CRM you can log important developments your customer is facing. These developments may affect the services you offer or will offer them and therefore is a very important part of your selling strategy. When keeping track of this in your CRM, you can remember all the details you talked about in the next phone call. Given the fact that you talk to multiple customers a day or maybe don’t talk to a customer on a regular basis, it’s always nice to have the information stored.

Your company probably has multiple departments, such as sales, marketing and/or customer service. This means that more people in your organisation are working with the same customers and need their up-to-date information. By having all the information in a CRM, you can optimize your customer service and marketing strategies. You can predict the next move of your customer almost before they take it. Needless to say, the information you log in the CRM can help you plan your resources in a smart and efficient way. You don't have to call Mark from Marketing anymore to see if he called the customer, you can simply see it in the CRM.

Because you’re not only able to log the conversations you have with your customers, but you can also log all the general company information and information concerning deals and contracts, you can pull reports out of the data that you store. 

To finish off, when your days are as busy as described in the first paragraph, it’s easy to forget important tasks. You can even queue them based on a specific action. For example, when there are 20 customers you need to do a follow up with this week, you create a queue that's called ‘follow up’. In this queue you can add tasks and create a deadline on a specific day and time. You can either choose to work through your queue as if you are working through a playlist, or you can choose to wait for the reminder and finish your tasks. This way, you never miss deadlines or forget tasks. Also, the majority of these manual tasks can be optimized or even completely automated, so you can focus more on selling. Would you like see what possibilities there is for you to make your daily work easier? Please reach out!