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We don't like cold calling

If no cold calling then... We don’t do cold calling. But how do we reach out to customers or how do customers find us? How do we proceed? Inbound Well, we rely on inbound marketing. We try to reach our customers through our website and when you search on Google that you will find us.   You want to find us, because we can hopefully help you with something that no other IT consultant company can. Or maybe you like our way of thinking. Want us to call you? We can of course call you and see how our business relationship might develop. But we want to empathize, we don’t cold call.. So before reaching out to us, tell us something about you...

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is widely thrown out there. What does it mean to work with Inbound Marketing and how does it help the organization? Well, if we rewind the tape and ask ourselves why is marketing needed in the first place? The fundamentals for marketing is to assist the sales team getting in leads to be able to bring in revenue to the company. So marketing is a strategic move to extend the sales process, and actually so is post sales / support. Support is something a company has in order to bring extra value to their product and service. It's something that is supposed to increase the chances for customers to stay satisfied and to continue bringing the bucks to the...

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