Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is widely thrown out there. What does it mean to work with Inbound Marketing and how does it help the organization?

Well, if we rewind the tape and ask ourselves why is marketing needed in the first place? The fundamentals for marketing is to assist the sales team getting in leads to be able to bring in revenue to the company. So marketing is a strategic move to extend the sales process, and actually so is post sales / support. Support is something a company has in order to bring extra value to their product and service. It's something that is supposed to increase the chances for customers to stay satisfied and to continue bringing the bucks to the company.

Now, time is changing and customers are more educated and usually know more about the products out there. How do you show that your sales team is there to actually assist give the right service and not just trying to close deals? How do you point out that you have a great support team that will try to make sure that the satisfaction after an item is bought, is high? And how do you make sure you reach all the potential customers in your service and that they are able to find you? Or even better, they don’t only find you, but how do you make sure they find you and make them feel that the service or product you offer will really satisfy their needs.

Well the answer to all these questions is... Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is a method that brings your company closer to the customer, on the customer’s terms. This will also be a turning point for you as a company. You are able to close more deals, become more efficient and also get more satisfied customers.

Inbound Marketing analyzes every step of the customer journey; before the sale, during and after the sale. With this strategy you can make sure that all of your customer facing teams (marketing, sales and support) has an understanding and knowledge of who their customer is. In fact, back office departments should also be involved and get knowledge of your potential customers: who they are, what they expect and what they want. In other words: create your company’s Buyer Personas.

So, when you do Inbound Marketing, it won’t just be the marketing team that’s involved. This is something that makes the whole organization synchronized and inline with who you are as a company, how do you portray yourself and how does the customer actually see you. As you will probably understand, Inbound Marketing is an everlasting project to understand your customers, yourselves and your departments. It helps you to delight the customer on his or hers buyer journey every step on the way and to make sure the word of mouth will generate you new and good business. The end goal of Inbound Marketing is to reach a high quality and word of mouth so that eventually it is your customers who are talking about you and bringing in new customers and deals.

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